Help - Point Values

The 5 Minute Mind / Matter platform  creates opportunities for employees to earn points with their actions.  The granting of points is to increase the fun and interest in sustainability at Highmark.  Earn points by completing an activity.  The following are the possible points per activity:


Activity Points* Frequency**

Reading a message from Highmark Leadership about why sustainability is important.

25 Once
Training on a target sustainability topic (e.g. recycling, printing less, and reporting waste) 25 Once per unique training
Acting on a sustainability challenge (e.g. recycling, printing less, and reporting waste) 10 Once a day
Sharing*** an idea or experience in a sustainability forum (e.g.  recycling, printing less or reporting waste forum) 5 Every post
Giving us feedback on why you were unable to meet the challenge. 3 Once



*     Points have no intrinsic value or monetary value, only entertainment value.

**   If the frequency is exceeded intentionally, or as a result of a program fault points awarded as a result will be deleted.

*** Posts to forums which are off topic or duplicates will be deleted and awarded points subtracted.