Welcome to the Center For Sustainable Leadership (CSL)

Here at the CSL we utilize a methodology known as Sustainability Leadership (SL). SL is based off the premise that when an organization’s values align with employee’s values then employee job satisfaction and commitment to the organization increase. Research and current literature highlights these attributes as contributing to employee happiness and organizational performance. In order to do this, the SL approach establishes physical and psychological enablers or interventions, which support desired behaviors.

The goal of SL is to increase employee happiness and organizational performance by aligning an organization’s values and employees values by a series of interventions that promote desired behaviors.

The Sustainable Leadership (SL) Methodology can be applied to any organizational setting when undesired behaviors of employees are trying to me manipulated or altered. The Center for Sustainable Leadership (CSL) has already carried out and completed a project using the SL approach for High-mark Health, in which we focused on reducing waste, reusing paper, and increasing recycling.

Currently the CSL is focused on an internal campus wide study at Chatham University utilizing the SL approach in order to manage employee wellness. Employee wellness is composed of stress, physical activity, and nutrition. The goal is to align Chatham University’s values with the values of their employees in order to promote job satisfaction and commitment, ultimately increasing employee happiness and organizational performance.